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We are invited to heal old wounds, release unhealthy patterns related to home life, nurturing, parenting, family, and extended families of community.

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Once every six months the Sun, Moon, and Earth align precisely enough to generate both a solar eclipse at the new moon and a lunar eclipse at the full moon. These energetic alignments signal a time of major endings and beginnings and facilitate shifts in consciousness so we can focus on the path of our soul.

How we experience an eclipse depends on how it activates our birth chart, our personal history, and our level of consciousness.

All About Eclipses: A Guide for Coping with Them

The events activated by eclipses often bring to light circumstances that have been concealed or neglected. With the Moon involved, unconscious behavior and subconscious patterns are exposed. We are also reminded of where we have failed to pay attention to what we need and how we have deferred to others and overlooked our own needs. We may identify where we have given priority to one situation or person, while neglecting other aspects of our life and ourselves that require care and attention. Eclipse energies can be felt a few weeks before and after the exact day.

The impact of an eclipse usually reaches a peak at the time, but the pressure has been building up. We may need the next six months to implement the needed changes. Just in time for the next set of eclipses. Eclipses occur in 19 year cycles, very close to the same zodiacal degree. What was happening in your life at that time? What has changed since then regarding themes that are are being reactivated? How do you wish to advance in the next phase of life?

We get a better picture of where we can expand and where we can redefine our priorities and move on. Although our awareness becomes more acute at the time of an eclipse, the pot has been slowly simmering and is now reaching a boil.

Lunar Eclipse 10 February Practical Magic – Astrology King

We must communicate, take action, and deal with what we have denied, put off, and not honestly or adequately dealt with. Trying to hide behind a fabricated cloak of denial and ignorance is not an option. In Cancer territory the question of needs predominates. The issues that must be dealt with revolve around home, household, family, and nurturing. What gives us life? What can we let go of or change to be in more alignment with our current resources and available time? What can we reasonably maintain without overburdening our budget and our emotional capacity to cope?

Maybe downsizing will give us more peace of mind. Drawn to look at our past, it is useful to reassess our life up to this point and give ourselves credit for what we have learned, the courage we have mustered to live through our life challenges, and our current level of emotional, mental, and spiritual maturity. Building from our past, where can we now get emotional and physical sustenance? How can we best deal with the future?

Cancer is the sign most associated with the feminine, receptive principle and the mother. The Cancer archetype operates and speaks to us through our watery emotions. Feeling awareness indicates what is healthy and what is harmful. Mercury is in Cancer from June Mars is in Cancer May June With the Sun and the North Node also in Cancer, we are being reminded that we all need motherly love, nurturing, and kindness.

Security is a big factor for Cancer. Have you ever held a crab shell? With the slightest touch this thin fragile shell breaks into pieces. To find inner security and to honor our sensitivity, we must to listen to and follow our inner knowing, nurture and take good care of ourselves. We are being aided to tune into our intuition and inner guidance through subtle sensitivity, receptivity, silence, and stillness.

On the elevated vibrations, we can exit our busy mind and feel what brings us a sense of peace, ease, rightness, and relief. As we listen to the wisdom of our higher self, our life flows with more ease and less drama. The stellium of planets in Cancer brings our attention to the various manifestations of food addictions, as well as the cultural attitudes concerning the role of food in our lives. Since the North Node entered Cancer in November , there is a proliferation of programs on health, the healing role of food, and the diseases caused by over-consumption of unhealthy foods.

To deal with food addictions we need a deeper examination of our attitudes and programming in relationship to what we put in our mouth and why. Addictions are feed by lies that we tell ourselves. Addictions are also cries for help, not for judgment or punishment.

Dont have any new opportunities on hand at present. That does seem very eclipse-like, so yes, start pursuing something new. Being pro-active is always a good idea on the back of eclipse events. Good luck with your job search. Being an exact opposition, is it still kind of favorable for me? I had a difficult year with regards family matters, my grandmum passed away the day after the Feb eclipse, two days before her birthday.

My dad has been ill since Jan more or less.

About Lunar Eclipse Data

Also, I checked the next eclipse dates an my moon is at 3. Btw, back in I started my relationship with my current partner, I also finished my degree that year and lived abroad for some months. Did not mention below that my moon is conjunct by 2 degrees Jupiter in house 8.

Just wanted to specify this, what can I expect from the next year eclipse? Thanks a lot. Moon 3. Travel, education are 9th house themes. Thanks a lot for your reply and sorry for not writing my birth date! Thanks again.

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So the theme of endings and new beginnings is strong in your chart, especially around money and what you value and where your heart lies. Look for an outlet, something to focus on that inspires you. Thank you for the wonderful information! You write beautifully. I was born September 17, am birth certificate time in Glendora, California. What a interesting and exciting past few years. I was a nurse for many years and changed directions in , opening my own healing center.

Can you tell me how the Eclipse will affect me? I am really feeling the energies and much excitement. Thank you so much for your contribution and sharing your gifts. Look out for new opportunities coming in. What needs to change?

2020 Astrology Calendar: Retrogrades, Full Moons, and More

Sally, Thank you for your reply. I am so appreciative.. I can feel the new opportunities, not sure how they will present themselves and in a way that is the fun part. The change part, I can sense that and am hoping for some great insight from the Eclipse energy without being fearful and just knowing its all for the greater good.. I just read your article, very interesting!!!

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The solar eclipse of 21th of august, fall on my seventh house of my birth chart. Everything is falling apart, especialy my marriage!! The divorce is on is way for september.

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Oh by the way, i also have the transit of venus in cunjunct with my natal moon on my six house natal. I will be very interesting to know, what do you think about it. Especialy on the effect of the reverse node with the solar eclipse. Thank you!! The major astrology is to your Venus — love — with both Jupiter and Uranus liberating you. Never easy but hopefully you can feel the excitement of a fresh start too. Sending best wishes.