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His practical nature pushes him to find what's useful in every situation he encounters and put aside the irrelevant and distracting elements.

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Sometimes, while he's doing this, people think he's being This isn't the case at all. In truth, the Virgo Guy simply wants to be of service. When he gives instructions or makes suggestions, it's almost always rooted in his desire to do good deeds for others. Remember that when he tells you there's a string on your hem or lipstick on your teeth!

He just doesn't want you to go around looking anything less than perfect. The proud, bold, and gorgeous Leo Guy has a profound effect on everybody he meets. His symbol the Lion is King of the Jungle, and one of the first things you'll notice about him is his regal manner. He seems to "own" his realm, whether it's a roomful of people or a huge audience before which he is about to speak or perform. Leo's ability to reach out to others comes from his desire to offer fatherly advice to them. He sees the potential in every person he knows and wants to help foster their talents.

Translation of "Capricorn" in Arabic

Sweet, kind, and gushing with emotion, the Cancer Guy has some unusual attributes. He's quite capable of showing his manliness, sexually as well as socially, yet there are things about him that remind you of someone you know - most likely your mom! He'll nurture you and love you and coddle you For Cancer, the act of taking care of another person gives him a sense of purpose. His moods will vary much in the way his sign's ruler, the Moon, changes its appearance from night to night.

Names of zodiac signs in various languages

The Gemini Guy's main purpose in life is to gather and spread information. The appearance of at least two personalities - as embodied in his sign's symbol, the Twins - is a mechanism he uses to attract as many people as possible. Gemini can talk to anyone, anytime, and prefers to be in a crowd of people or connected through his computer or handheld device. Yes, he can sometimes split his attention between you and some other person or thought at any given time, but he doesn't do it to insult or upset you: he's a master of multitasking and really is capable of holding at least two conversations in tandem.

The Taurus Guy seems to be a simple soul, but his apparently calm exterior conceals some surprises. His reputation for being slow and steady comes from his desire to protect the status quo. Just like his sign's symbol, the bull, as long as things stay the way they are, Taurus will feel strong and confident. He likes his life to be predictable, and he'll drive you nuts trying to fit everything you do into a concrete, supposedly foolproof plan.

At the first sign of any randomness, though, your usually placid bull will panic as though the Picador landed one right in his back! The spontaneous, energetic Aries Guy is always looking for excitement. There's a good reason why his sign's sumbol is the irascible-yetimpish ram: he makes the rules and is always first in line, no matter how many people he has to push aside.

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You, Diane, are a Capricorn. Philip, your birthday's January You're a Capricorn , aren't you? Well, if you weren't such a legend on both sides of the tropic of Capricorn ,. That's the sign for Capricorn , I think. He's from England, and he once married a woman he met after placing an ad for a Capricorn. Winters are warm in the north and cooler in the south, with overnight frosts common in inland areas south of the Tropic of Capricorn. I guess capricorn never saw reservoir dogs?

What an unlucky you Capricorn? The lead of the crew's name's Capricorn. Capricorn : 23,5 degrees south. Possibly inappropriate content Unlock.

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